Usage Tips

The Next Mile resources were intentionally designed to integrate into any Short-Term Missions program.

They are comprehensive enough to meet the needs of a Short-Term program with no existing resources, but can also be utilized to compliment or enhance existing curriculum.  Because they are customizable, churches, agencies, schools and other sending organizations can use as much or little as required to accomodate their Short-Term program.


Download the Quick Start Guide to start your team training!

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To start, it is recommended to purchase a Leader Kit to evaluate which resource(s) are applicable for your Short-Term program or team.   The Leader Kit provides one copy of each available resource which includes:  Leader Guide (with Road Map Poster and Resource CD), Goer Guide - Youth Edition (with Mentor Packet), Goer-Guide - All-Age Edition (with Mentor Packet) and the Mile Post Devotional.

It is recommended that Short-Term Team Leaders purchase a Leader Guide to help them lead their team members through The Next Mile curriculum.  The Leader Guide provides a Road Map Poster which serves as a stand-alone resource for leaders highlighting major benchmarks for Short-Term teams.  This resource can be posted in an office or on the wall in a team's regular meeting location.  The Resource CD is also included with a Leader Guide, which provides customizable forms, meetings and resources for suggested activities, sample promotional and reporting materials, evaulation and assessment tools and much more.

The Goer Guide (Youth and All-Age Edition) is designed for team members.  Team Leaders can choose between the Youth Edition (designed for age 13-19) or the All-Age Edition for their team members.  Both versions of the Goer Guide are very similar in content so that multigenerational groups can be trained simultaneously.  The Youth Edition offers a customized design, terminology and training material applicable for ages 13-19.

The Mile Post Devotional provides 52 self-paced devotionals contributed by multiple mission leaders designed to disciple your Short-Termers after their mission experience.  This resource contains a wide variety of styles for daily study and a broad range of topics relating to Christian lifestyle and issues faced when returning home.  This resource can compliment any existing Short-Term program.


The Next Mile website is designed to help Short-Term Mission Leaders continue to conduct Short-Term teams with long-term impact.  The Resource section provides further materials and resources to assist with follow-through.