The Next Mile Curriculum Testimonials

I've read everything you have on your website and I am fascinated.  I really appreciated that you included chapter overviews.  We have recently created and conducted our first STM team leader training.  Your material seems to fill the gaps that we were unable to cover.

Elizabeth Harris, Staff Member
First Baptist Church, Eugene, OR

The Next Mile is by far the most comprehensive resource of its kind to help churches and team leaders plan, execute, and follow-up on their short term missions endeavors.  I have already put this tool to use and it is working, “ ten teams, over 100 people, 5 countries," an enormous task made possible through the Next Mile.

John Dix, Pastor
Grace Church of Glendora, California

The Next Mile materials were brought to our attention in March and what a huge blessing they have been.  Being career missionaries we have had critical things to say about short term missions in the past and now we are leading a team, oh my. This material is an answer to a long time prayer that Short Term Missions could be far more than an adventure trip.  With the type of preparation that it guides us through I know that folks will be more culturally prepared to minister, have abundant prayer support before, during and after the trip and be more prepared for the shock of returning home.  From experience I can say that returning to your home country is by far one of the hardest parts of foreign ministry.

Melinda & Dale Peterson
International Christian Ministries, California

As the leader of the team I received all the training material and took it from there, having regular meetings with Tim along the way.  The training materials that were provided were the best that I have seen in my 25+ years of youth ministry.  I was able to combine them with some of the materials I have used in the past to make our training sessions extremely valuable and practical.  Some wondered as we began why we needed to do all this training for such a short trip.  When we arrived on the field those same people tied much of the success of the trip to the training.  The depth and amount of the materials was excellent.

Pastor Dawes Dunham
FBC East Stroudsburg, PA

We are using the Next Mile material to prepare a team for a prayer-mission journey to Germany.  The Support Bible Discovery is a great tool for processing why our personal support raising is important and the team building exercises and activities have been an awesome way to create better team cohesion. The resources are easy to access and to use.  Thank you.

Ken & Lucy Brock, Perspectives
Redwood City, CA

The Next Mile materials are a wonderful resource for training short-term mission teams.  I love the creativity that was put into it, the layout of the process for training a team, and I believe that every missions team will benefit from using these materials.

Thanks for all you're doing for short-term missions!

Ruth Bonilla, World Witness
Short-Term Missions Coordinator

I've used the Goer Guides with an adult group and with about 170 CB Northern CA youth this summer. The feedback I've received has been very good. I'm looking forward to using them with another adult group in the fall. The mentor guide has been very well received.

Ken & John Aldax, CB Northern California

We have used the Next Mile material in preparation for our Spring Break `07 High School Mission Trip to Bolivia.  The material has been a great resource and has helped our students in understanding the "team concept" that we will be embracing as we seek to honor the Lord by our service to the people of Bolivia.  The CD that comes with the Next Mile material has been particularly helpful in planning and organizing the pre-field meetings.  I recommend the material to any youth pastor or ministry leader who is looking to find quality material to help them get prepared for a mission trip.

Mike Evans, Youth Pastor
Central Christian, Wichita, KS

Thank you  - we are finding the Next Mile material very helpful as we plan our STM to Guatemala.  Please keep me in the loop.  I plan on attending your leadership program in February.

Thank you for your ministry you are a blessing to others.

Peter Marchel