The concept of The Next Mile program was developed first by DELTA Ministries International (DELTA) in an effort to strengthen the follow-through of those serving on our own short-term ministry teams.   Coincidentally, during the early stages of implementation, ministry and mission leaders from around the United States were meeting at the 2003 National Network of Youth Ministries' Missions Affinity Network (NNYM/AffNet) in San Diego, CA.  At this meeting, it was determined by over 20 organizations that the next greatest need was the follow-through of those serving on short-term ministry assignments.  Here, DELTA began to share its vision about The Next Mile and how it could address this shortfall.  The concept was well received by all in attendance and DELTA was commissioned by these 20 organizations to spearhead The Next Mile endeavor.

As a result, DELTA Ministries International was commissioned by the Network to lead and coordinate the development of The Next Mile resource.  In December 2006, the first of a series of resources will be available through International Bible Society/Authentic Media for churches and organizations that send short-term missionaries.