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Are you going on a mission trip or recently back from one? Signup for our FREE twelve part E-Zine. Designed especially for those recently returning from a short-term mission experience, The Next Mile E-Zine will help you process your short-term mission experience and keep the flame alive! You will learn how to share your story, process your experience and live life on mission. This twelve part E-Zine provides nearly 50 resources from multiple mission leaders covering these major areas of follow-through for short-termers: 1. Welcome Home, 2. Sharing About Your Mission Trip, 3. Re-entry, 4. Growing Closer to God, 5. A Missional Worldview, 6. Navigating the Crossroads, 7. Stay the Course Locally, 8. Stay the Course Globally, 9. Staying the Course with Your Field and Missionaries, 10. Exploring Career Missions, 11. Mission Training and Resources, and 12. A Final Challenge.

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