Contributing Authors

Our eternal thanks to the organizations and contributors that helped make The Next Mile what is is today!

Organization Contributor Website
AIM Seth Barnes
  Alex Areces -
CALEB Project Shane Bennett
Christ Church Lake Forest/Ivy Jungle Mike Woodruff
Church Partnership Evangelism Joel VanHoogen
Church Resource Ministries Steve Hoke
Culture Link Terri Vincellette -
Deeper Roots Howard & Bonnie L
DELTA Ministries International Brian Heerwagen
DELTA Ministries International Chris McDaniel
Development Assoc. Paul Borthwick
Emmanuel Faith Community Dave Hall
Eternal Perspective Ministries Randy Alcorn
FamilyLife / CCC Dennis Rainey
Fort Lauderdale Baptist Church Mike Jeffries
Frontline Ministries Tom White
Grace Church of Glendora John Dix
Grace Point Church David Ridder
Green Valley Church Doug Kyle
IMB Felicity Burrows
Initiatives International David Jensen
Interaction International Matt Neigh
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Linda Olsen
NNYM Daryl Nuss
OMF Various
Orphanos Various
- Joseph Parker -
Peace Maker Susan & Bob Barrett
STEM Roger Peterson
Student Ventures Donna Nuss
US Center for World Mission Becky Lewis
World Venture Dianne Grudda
World Venture Glen Kendall
World Vision Tim Dearborn
WYCLIFFE Susie Lipps
Wycliffe NW - Modules Jerry Long