Local Church Benefits of The Next Mile Conference

WHO IS THIS FOR?  Individuals who have served on a short or mid-term mission trip, been to a Christian camp, or have studied abroad.

WHAT IS THIS FOR?  Those who want to live devoted lives for Christ everyday!  This conference will equip and encourage those who attend through general sessions, seminars, worship and connecting with others who have a passion to keep the flame alive.

Practical Benefits for Churches (only a few):

  • Individuals will gain an understanding that their short-term mission trip was not just an event, but a building block for what God has in mind for them for the rest of their life.  They will be challenged to make a commitment to "stay different" the rest of their life and make a difference every day for Christ.
  • Churches can utilize this conference as a bridge for connecting those that have served abroad on short-term mission trips into ministry opportunities within the church that will serve the local community.
  • Churches can utilize this conference as a way to bring everyone that served on short-term trips together in one setting to connect with each other and those that helped them go (those that prayed and gave).
  • Churches can utilize this a springboard to recruit for upcoming short-term mission teams.
  • Individuals that are struggling with post short-term mission blues or culture shock will have an opportunity to share their struggles with others who have experienced similar concerns and learn practical tips to cope and recover.
  • Individuals that are considering mid-term or long-term missions will have an opportunity to speak with experienced professionals and learn how to take practical next steps.
  • Individuals that attend the conference can apply to be placed with a Missions Coach to help them discover and move forward with God's calling in missions and ministry.
  • A limited number of individuals interested in being a Missions Coach can receive The Next Mile Coach Training through a partnership with Western Seminary.