The Next Mile Chapter Overview

All chapters run parallel in the Leader's and Goer Guide

Introduction:  The Journey Starts Here

A snapshot of short-term missions revealing the missing component of follow-through and an introduction to the layered approach of The Next Mile curriculum and how it can be customized to the meet the needs of any person, church or organization.

Chapter 1:  Mile After Mile

Introducing the Pilgrimage Concept and the idea that the short-term mission experience should be an intentional experience from the very beginning.

Chapter 2:  Well Begun is Half Done

A short-term mission for the long haul requires planning and strategy.   The use of each Next Mile resource is outlined in this chapter with references to the ready-made templates on the accompanying Compact Disc.

Chapter 3:  All for One and One for All

An overview of all those who are truly impacted by the short-term mission and suggestions for including and involving the pastor, church staff, congregation, family, host receivers.

Chapter 4:  Pre-Field

Information about preparations for ministry begins with sample pre-field meetings and emphasis on the spiritual journey.  The Leaders Guide includes information about the Bonus Section which is brimming over with suggestions and "how to" information for organizing your short-term mission.

Chapter 5:  On-Field

Emphasizes the importance of daily prayer and debriefing and includes sample on-field meetings to help with saying good-bye to the field and with re-entry before the trip home.

Chapter 6:  Post-Field

Introducing the new Triage Principle in determining how much follow-up to do with each short-termer and templates for post-field debriefing and follow-through meetings.

Chapter 7:  Returning Home

A humorous look at the way people respond to short-termers when they return home and warnings about possible pitfalls.

Chapter 8:  Reporting Home

Reveals why the way you tell your story is important and includes two different approaches with instructions on reporting home.

Chapter 9:  Keeping the Flame Alive

Fan into flame the new passion for missions and outreach.  This chapter is overflowing with practical ideas and encouragement ranging from church involvement to community outreach to international partnerships.

Chapter 10:  Top Ten

While short-termers face a myriad of issues upon their return, this chapter isolates the Top 10.  Each includes a response by contributors and points to related topics on the website.

Chapter 11:  Evaluations and Setting Goals

The discipline of evaluating the experience and setting goals may be a challenge to many, but with these simple templates, everyone can benefit.