About the Authors

Brian Heerwagen, Lead Author

Brian Heerwagen has been the Executive Director of DELTA Ministries International since 1985.  His first Short-Term Mission was on a DELTA team in 1980.  Brian is a member of the National Standards of Excellence Committee (www.stmstandards.org) and The National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM).  Brian is committed to shaping the character of individuals for the purpose of long-term personal change and world impact.

Alex Areces

Alex is an independent missions consultant who served at Caleb Project for six years. He has previously lived and worked in Asia and Latin America for ten years. He has been part of research teams to unreached people groups and believes that God is currently calling him to use his International Business background to advance the Kingdom in restricted access countries.

Bob & Susan Barrett

Susan and Bob Barrett are Senior International Representatives for PeaceMaker Ministries. Susan and Bob work both independently and as a team sharing biblical conflict resolution principles and methods. They consult and present workshops to sending structures across the United States and around the world. They act as a facilitators, coaches, and mentors to short and long term mission teams.

Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel, Director of Development for DELTA Ministries International, educates constituents on Biblical stewardship and discovers God's provision for ministry operatons. Before coming to DELTA Chris handled business, financial, information technology and marketing aspects for public and private organizations.

Daryl Nuss

Daryl Nuss is currently the International Networking Coordinator for the National Network of Youth Ministries. He has been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and Student Venture and has been directly involved in international mission trips for 13 years. He is also a member of the World Evangelical Alliance' Youth Commission.

Dave Hall

Dave serves as World Impact Pastor at Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido, CA. He previously served at Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA and in Spain as a missionary. Also has served on the boards of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) and the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting.

David Jensen

David Jensen, Founder and President of Initiatives International, has trained and sent more than 3000 people on Short-Term mission experiences. He spent 15 years working on college campuses at John Brown University and Bethel University in Minnesota. He is a member of National Short-Term Mission Conference Steering Committee.

David Ridder

Dave Ridder has been the senior pastor at Grace Point (First Baptist Church of Newtown) since 1984. Dave has a Bachelor' degree from Wheaton College (1978). He also holds a Masters and Doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is a faculty associate for Bethel Seminary of the East where he teaches leadership and preaching classes, and serves on the board of Trustees of Bethel University.

Dr. Dennis Rainey

Dr. Dennis Rainey is the President and the cofounder of FamilyLife (a division of Campus Crusade for Christ) Since 1976, he has overseen the rapid growth of FamilyLife Conferences on marriage, parenting and conferences. He is the senior editor of the HomeBuilders Couples Series®. In the past, Dennis has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Dennis is the author/co-author of more than a dozen books.

Donna Nuss

Donna Nuss is on staff with Student Venture San Diego. She helped pioneer Student Venture' ministry in Moscow, Russia for three years. She helps lead mission projects to Russia annually, served for five years as the Christian Education Director for Green Valley Church in San Diego, and trains/mentors young adults in youth ministry.

Doug Kyle

Doug Kyle is the Lead Pastor at Green Valley Church in San Diego, California. He received his doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the area of SHAPE-based ministries and has been helping people find their God-given call for over ten years.

Felicity Burrows

Felicity Burrow is an Associate with International Mission Board (IMB). She is currently the publicity and promotions coordinator and teams coordinator for the Collegiate Mobilization Team. She received a degree in Journalism and Foreign Service from Baylor University and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Glenn Kendall

Glenn Kendall is the Africa Ministries Director for WorldVenture (formerly CBInternational). He began serving as the Africa Ministries Director July 1, 1995. During the 13 years he spent in Rwanda, Glenn helped start over 300 churches and groups. While serving as the Personnel Director, he was responsible for recruiting and processing all new WorldVenture missionaries, Short-Term workers, and summer teams.

Howard & Bonnie Lisech

Howard and Bonnie Lisech began their missionary service in Papua New Guinea. After returning, he served as the director of a Short-Term ministry for 13 years, mobilizing, training, and sending over 1000 students to 8-week overseas assignments. He is currently serving as a graphic designer for PIONEERS mission agency, and Bonnie has been writing and publishing Short-Term devotional Bible studies. They also write curriculum and discipleship materials for junior high through adults.

Jerry Long

Jerry and Brenda Long have been with Wycliffe Bible Translators for forty years. They first served in Ecuador and Peru. For twenty-five years have spoken for mission events across the continent and have trained missionary speakers around the world. Jerry directs a national touring dinner theatre ministry to raise awareness in churches across the country about Bible translation.

Joel Van Hoogen

Joel Van Hoogen is the co-founder and executive director of Church Partnership Evangelism. CPE seeks to establish strategic church-to-church partnerships around the world. These partnerships are built around a single purpose; to equip and engage the body of Christ in personal evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

John Dix

John Dix currently serves as an associate pastor at Grace Church of Glendora in the areas of adult ministries and missions. His education includes studies in leadership and missions. He grew up in the Congo where he learned and experienced first hand what oversees ministry is all about. His field experience includes leading teams to Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ecuador, Romania, China, and the Czech Republic.

John Jordan

Since 1978 John has served as pastor in both California and Oregon. Since 1998 he has been the World Missions pastor at Village Baptist Church in Beaverton, Oregon where in addition to overseeing the preparation and care of dozens of missionary families, John also trains and sends over 50 people a year on Short-Term missions trips to restricted access countries. John is an instructor for both the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course and for Developing Global Vision, a missions course designed to train potential pastors.

Joseph Parker

Joseph has done non-profit management work for 39 years the past 28 with Christian organizations, assisting in funds development, strategic planning and board effectiveness. Public speaking is a specialty, especially in preparing leaders for powerful presentations, highlighting vision and mission. Served more than sixty ministries of all sizes since 1977 whose call is to advance the cause of Christ.

Linda Olson

Linda's PhD is in Communication focusing on leadership development. Currently she is on the faculty at the University of Denver, teaching in their undergraduate leadership program In addition, she continues to provide cross-cultural training for InterVarsity staff and students participating in international ministry programs.

Maralee Gutierrez

Maralee Gutierrez has worked in youth ministry for more than 10 years. She served as the Youth Ministry Coordinator with COMHINA (The Hispanic Missionary Cooperation of North America) and is currently working with Wycliffe Bible Translators as the Director of Next Generation Mobilization. She also serves as a youth leader in her home church, Centro Cristiano Restauracia and is passionate about reaching the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matthew Neigh

Matthew Neigh, Executive Director of Interaction International, has traveled to over 47 countries conducting seminars, training and consulting for the expatriate community. He also serves as an associate with Global Associates. He currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors of Families In Global Transition, Inc. (FIGT), and sits on the Board of Directors of other international non-profit organization.

Mike Jeffries

Mike Jeffries leads the missions mobilization programs at the 12,000-member First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale. Mike’s passion is seeing believers equipped and emboldened for cross-cultural ministry. He has led Short-Term teams for more than a decade, traveling to dozens of nations. His primary focus nations have been Russia and Nicaragua and he’s led twenty-one teams to each of these countries.

Mike Woodruff

Mike Woodruff serves as the Senior Pastor of Christ Church Lake Forest, in Chicago and as the President of CISF, a leadership-development initiative that has helped over 100 Majority World leaders from more than thirty-five nations receive their doctoral education and return home to teach and lead. He has written over two hundred articles for a variety of national publications and has written and edited several books.

OMF International

OMF International (started as the China Inland Mission) is a diverse fellowship of 1,300 Christians from 30 nationalities with a passion for proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ among East Asia’s peoples. Our vision is to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to others. OMF uses a wide variety of creative Short-Term and long-term ministries to share the gospel to East Asia' unreached peoples.

Paul Borthwick

Paul Borthwick serves as Senior Consultant for Development Associates International, a ministry dedicated in leadership development in the under-resourced world. Paul's ministry focuses on mobilizing others for cross-cultural ministry, encouraging the ongoing growth of older leaders, and motivating the development of younger leaders. He is the author of 14 books.

Randy Alcorn

He is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage an eternal perspective through a teaching and reaching ministry, with emphasis on missions and pro-life work. EPM is dedicated to teaching biblical truth and drawing attention to the needy and how to help them. EPM exists to meet the needs of the unreached, unfed, unborn, uneducated, unreconciled, and unsupported people around the world.

Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis has spent 15 years working with Frontiers in ministry to Muslim women and currently has developed a 32 credit college-level training program studying the sweep of God' work throughout history called INSIGHT (INtensive Study of Global History and Theology).

Rev. Roger Peterson

Rev. Roger Peterson is the Founder and Executive Director of STEM Int', an international Short-Term mission organization. He has administered, organized, trained, and/or led more than 300 Short-Term mission teams, representing more than 5,000 Short-Termers since 1980. Peterson also chairs the Board of Directors for AESTM (Alliance for Excellence in Short-Term Mission). AESTM is a Christian nonprofit holding corporation for FSTML, NSTMC, and SOE.

Seth Barnes

Seth Barnes is the founder and director of Adventures In Missions (AIM) in Gainesville, Georgia. Since 1989, more than 50,000 people have gone on missions projects through AIM. These missionaries have led many thousands of people around the world to Christ and have built hundreds of homes and churches for the poorest of the poor. AIM' objective is to raise up a generation of radically committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Shane Bennett

Shane Bennett has been with Caleb Project for 18 years and his wife Ann for 13.  He spends his time speaking, writing, and helping Ann raise their five kids.  If you' like to book him to speak (or write, but not raise your kids) email him at Caleb.  The ideas in his article are condensed from a cool new Bible study from Caleb Project called Eternal Impact.

Susie Lipps

Susie Lipps is an MK from Central America.  She has been a member of Wycliffe for 22 years and is currently serving as the President of International Impact.  Her passion is to see this global generation fulfilling their role in God' plan to reach the nations.  Susie is married to an incredible guy named Bob and has three outstanding, adult children Jonathan, David and Rachel.

Tim Dearborn

Tim Dearborn serves as Dean of the Chapel and Associate Professor of Theology at Seattle Pacific University, where he is responsible for all campus ministry and urban and global volunteer programs. His interests include church life, leadership, and mission. He has published four books on spirituality and mission, most recently From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens: A Preparation Workbook for Short-Term Mission Teams.

Tom White

Founder and President of Frontline Ministries, Tom White conducts an international ministry developing city-wide prayer movements, and teaching in the areas of spiritual warfare, intercession and strategic city-reaching. Currently he serves as Convener of the North American City Impact Roundtable, and leads the Transformational Prayer Community Facilitation Group for the Transform World movement.

Terri L. (Hughes) Vincelette
Culture Link Inc.

Terri is a trainer and short term consultant with CultureLink, Inc. CultureLink provides seminars for short term team leaders. Terri lead teams to over 20 countries. She was on staff with SEND International for 10 years and developed their short term missions program. She is married to Gary Vincelette and serves with him in Global Outreach for Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville, Indiana.

Wayne Sneed

Since 1997 Orphanos has been partnering Christian orphanage homes with North American believers. Our partnership activity consists primarily of visiting children' homes through Short-Term mission to build meaningful relationships with children and staff, physically assisting with work projects, and providing a direct pass-through of funds for specific capital improvement projects.